March 3 2022

Ampio knowledge base and Ampio Cloud updates


Ampio Smart Home knowledge base

The Ampio Smart Home system is intended for installation and configuration performed by qualified installers. The installer accompanies the investor at all stages of the building automation installation – starting from the stage of defining the requirements and design of the installation, through its implementation and configuration, ending with further after-sales support and advice on the system’s possible expansion. It is natural that in all of the above-mentioned stages, it is the installer who will be the main source of knowledge for the investor and other household members on the operation and handling of the Ampio building automation system. However, it is also possible that the end user or a potential investor may want to find answers to burning questions on their own, before deciding to contact an installer or system distributor. To meet this requirement, we have prepared the knowledge base service of the Ampio Smart Home system.

On the Ampio Smart Home knowledge base website, you can find detailed information about the offered modules, including a description of the functionalities provided and technical details. It also includes installer guides and guides prepared for end users, detailing typical scenarios for using the system and how to effectively use its features.

The Ampio Smart Home knowledge base service is available at

What’s new in Ampio Cloud

We have also introduced a number of new functionalities affecting the way the Ampio Cloud platform is used. The previous model of maintenance-free association of customers’ mobile devices with building automation installations has been replaced with a mechanism based on user accounts. As a part of the new solution, each end user of the system gains access to their installations after logging into their Ampio Cloud account in the Ampio UNI application. Installation owners can also grant access to their installations to household members or guests through sharing functionalities. They also have full control over who, when, and on what terms can remotely access their installations.

The role of the installer in the design, assembly and installation of Ampio Smart Home building automation systems is reflected in how the new functionalities of the Ampio Cloud platform work. At the stage of implementing the building automation system, an installer can register in the Ampio Cloud system as a person responsible for the implementation of the project. This allows him/her to remotely access the installation in order to perform configuration work and modify the way the system operates in response to customer expectations. After completing the installation work, the installer loses the ability to remotely access the installation, but the previously conducted registration of the installer, allows the owner of the system to quickly grant temporary access in the event of required remote assistance.

Installation access management, user account settings, and Ampio Cloud support functionalities are available from the application at

Gaining access to new functionalities for installations equipped with M-SERV family modules produced before this announcement, is subject to updating the software of the modules. If the update is skipped, remote access to the installation via the Ampio Cloud system will be the same as before.

Refer to the guides in the Ampio knowledge base for more information about new Ampio Cloud features.

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