Gates and blinds

Controlling blinds and gates
easier than ever

Control the gates, doors and roller blinds' mechanisms in a smart way. Use the functionality of remote control from inside your car or create an automated schedule.
Stay in control, no matter where you are.

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Plan and

Ampio controls the drivers of gates and roller blinds, which can help you schedule the opening and closing of roller blinds and blinds. It can also save you energy, prompting actions based on the current weather conditions. For example, rolling up an awning will be possible even if you are not at home. Other actions can be initiated based on changing temperature and insolation, e.g. roller blinds will open in winter to allow sunrays to warm up your house.

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Ready for your

You will not ever have to worry about whether you locked the door, closed the gate or switched on your burglar alarm ever again. You can always check the above in your Ampio application and make sure your property is secured. Our system can also automate certain everyday actions you take when leaving the house - arm the alarm, switch off the lights, close the blinds, etc. It will not even let you leave a bedside lamp on by accident.

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First rays
of the sun

Have you ever wondered how to fall asleep in the perfect dark with closed roller blinds and wake up to the rays of the rising sun? You only have to set up opening of the roller blinds at sunrise to enjoy a beautiful morning and get energised for the rest of the day.

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the mobile app

control the gate, roller blinds, awnings and curtains

get a notification when you forget to close the gate, and no one else is at home

open the door for the courier even if you are not home yourself

regulate the intensity of light in the house by adjusting the roller blinds and curtains

instead of an alarm, set the roller blinds to open gradually to have the sunrays wake you up gently

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moduł MSERV 4s


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