February 9 2023

3 ways in which a smart home system protects your house against the break-in

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The house that defends itself against the burglars? It’s no science fiction! Check how you can protect yourself with smart home systems.

Not that long ago, the only way to secure your property against break-ins would be to hire a security company or install an alarm system. Both these solutions have advantages, but they cannot compare to the level of safety smart home provides. Security is one of the essential aspects our system covers. Today, we would like to show you the ways in which automation can serve protection purposes.

The secret of the smart home’s efficiency lies in integrated protection that engages both traditional sensors as well as solutions based on dynamically developing technologies (computer vision, machine learning). With the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, the system automates the property’s surveillance, preventing human errors. Even the most observant security guard can miss the intruders. In the case of a well-designed system, the probability of the mistake is close to zero. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its capabilities! Let’s take a closer look at them:

#1 Intelligent locks

How many times have you left the house in a rush and spent the rest of the day wondering whether the door is closed? Most of us know this unpleasant sensation very well. In most cases, it is unjustified – but you never know!

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Thanks to intelligent locks, you’ll forget about this feeling forever. If you are not sure whether everything is closed, all you need to do is check the state of things in the app. You can also use it to open and close windows or doors automatically. If you want to let some air in after the rain without worrying that someone enters the house, one click will be enough! You can feel safe due to another functionality of the smart home system, which is?

#2 Presence detection

Due to the motion sensors, smart home systems are able to detect the presence of household members. Such sensors enable lighting automation but also serve security purposes. First, it allows you to verify whether someone unauthorized entered your property. Second, you can check with it if your children have arrived safe and sound from school.

The app allows you to set up a period of absence. If the sensor detects any motion, it will set off the alarm immediately and send you a notification, regardless of where you are at the moment. You don’t have to rely on the sensors themselves. In the app, you can check the real-time views of your property, inside and outside.

#3 Presence simulation

“Home alone? may not be the best inspiration for dealing with intruders. But maybe you can recall the scene in which Kevin turns on all the lights in the house and makes the shadows dance to create the impression that the house is full of guests? It made the thieves rethink their operation twice. The simulation feature works in a similar way, but without any effort from your side! 

In your app, you can plan such a simulation for the period when the house stays empty. It manages the lighting in an entirely automated way, launching it in such a configuration so that it imitates the presence of the household members while using minimum energy. 

If you would like to implement these features in your house, reach out to us! We would love to help you pick suitable solutions adjusted to your property’s specifics.

Visit our YouTube channel to see the Ampio system in action!

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