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Integrating different types of sensors with Ampio will increase the safety of your loved ones. Motion sensors in your house and garden, as well as smoke and flooding sensors or sensors detecting open doors will create a seamless security system. You will get a danger alert, which will allow you to react accordingly, even if you are away from home.

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Motion sensor

Integrating motion sensors with your smart home will illuminate your driveway. And you will not have to switch anything on or off manually. The system can also be used to detect a presence of anyone at your house, including any unexpected intruders.

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Smoke detectors

The possibility of connecting smoke, carbon monoxide, gas leak or flooding detectors to your smart home system is a warrant of your family's safety. An integrated early warning system will alert you with an alarm, change of lighting colour or a notification in your app. If a gas leak or flooding are detected, the system will shut off an appropriate valve, protecting you and your loved ones.

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In a rush

You can leave your house and not worry about forgetting to close the front door, garage door, or the gate. Set up an automatic locking of the doors whenever the house is empty, or closing of the garage doors after driving off. At any time during the day, you can check if the front door, or garage door remain closed, or even control them remotely via your Ampio mobile app.

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the mobile app

check remotely if someone is at your house see the security camera live feed on your phone

make sure that the alarm is armed and the doors and windows closed

close the door and the gate remotely through the app

receive a notification in case of flooding or fire

check the security cameras to make sure that everything is in order

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