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Complex garden management solution within your reach.
Admire your garden in your app wherever you are. Create a watering schedule integrated with a humidity, temperature and sun exposure sensor. Comfortably control the garden lights without leaving the couch. With Ampio your beautiful garden will require minimal effort from your side.

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Look after your garden and create a watering schedule linked to the weather conditions. With this functionality, your irrigation system will not activate if humidity is high, and it will provide the appropriate amount of water for your lawn and plants, if the temperature gets too high.

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the lights

Your garden can look ravishing not only during the day. Garden lights will switch on automatically depending on the weather conditions and the time of day, which is achieved by using either an astronomical timer, or a brightness sensor. This will save you energy and make your garden look beautiful at night too.

Use the following products

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the mobile app

create a watering schedule taking into account the weather conditions

automate the garden lights to switch on with the sunset

boast a perfectly green lawn

set up light scenes that will save energy

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moduł MSERV 4s


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