March 1 2023

Ampio UNI – a new app update

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A new version of the Ampio UNI app

The newest update of Ampio UNI  ( ver.1.7.0)  is introducing several new functionalities that make the use of the application easier than ever before. 

New app design

One of the main changes includes the new app design. Central positioning of the AMPIO logo grants you access to a tile view of the menu, which greatly simplifies the app navigation. Thanks to that, you can find the options that you are looking for much faster and easier. 

Detailed graphs with data

Before this update, the app only allowed you to display average data of electricity consumption, or measured temperature. The new functionality provides detailed energy consumption data, as well as room temperature and air humidity measurements. This allows you to monitor the energy consumption at your house more closely and control the conditions in each room better. Graphs with detailed data and averages are especially useful to people who care about saving electricity or controlling current conditions at home. With that at hand, you can better manage your smart home and save both, money and time.   

Apple Music

Another neat option added in this app release is a music library that now includes Apple Music. You can not only enjoy your favourite music with Ampio, but also discover new artists and albums thanks to the extensive offer of the music library 

All of the new additions make the Ampio UNI application more user-friendly and intuitive. Your smart home becomes even more enjoyable with this easy access to all essential functionalities provided by the new app. Download new app today!


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