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Lighting is an important part of your house. With only one motion switch the lights on and off, change the colour of the lights, create perfect atmosphere for a movie night. Thanks to the smart solution, you do not have to get out of bed to switch off the lights, or switch the night lamp on before going to sleep.

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Heating and ventilation

A guarantee of ideal temperature and air quality. Check Ampio smart solutions out and enjoy a house with perfect conditions no matter the season. Use a heating schedule, integrated weather conditions sensors, or set the temperature in your mobile app.

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Gates and blinds

Control the gates, doors and roller blinds' mechanisms in a smart way. Use the functionality of remote control from inside your car or create a an automated schedule. Stay in control, no matter where you are.

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We want you to feel safe and have everything within your reach at all times. With Ampio, you are fully in control of what happens in your house. Integrated motion, smoke, and flooding sensors, as well as security cameras and access control to your house or apartment will ensure its security, even if you are away from home.

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You can now control a variety of audio and video devices, as well as appliances from one place. An oven will warm up your meal before you get back home from work, and a coffee machine will brew you a fresh pot of coffee right before you open your eyes in the morning. Create a scene perfect for a movie night, or listen to your favourite radio wherever you are in the house.

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A smart home means also a beautiful garden with lush green lawn. Our system offers watering of your garden depending on weather conditions, seasons and created schedule. With us you can create perfect growing conditions for your plants, even if you do not set foot in the garden yourself.

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