August 3 2021

Ampio Installations of 2020/2021 competition – results

The 1st edition of  “Ampio Installations of 2020/2021” competition has been concluded!

It is our pleasure to announce that we have concluded the 1st edition of the “Ampio Installations of 2020/2021” competition and awarded its winners. We would like to thank all contestants for participating and taking their time to meet with us and present their work. Each competition entry was very interesting and presented various ingenious ways of utilising the Ampio system. We are hoping that more and more professionals will be joining the ranks of Ampio installers and that this competition will become a regular event in the Ampio calendar.

We cannot stress enough how valuable were the meetings with participating installers for us. Not only did we get to know the details of different investments featuring Ampio, but we also received a lot of suggestions and advice that will help us better meet the needs of our installers and clients.

Winners of the 1st edition of  “Ampio Installations of 2020/2021” competition:

1st prize: Smart Home Systems | installation: Smart offices of NCDC (an IT company) in Szczecin.

The prize was awarded for a large scale of the installation, out-of-the-box project and diverse use of the Ampio system’s functionalities. Overall, we were impressed by the office building’s look and practicality.

2nd prize: Holiday Boat Tourist | installation: the Queen Eva catamaran in Kraków.

The prize was awarded for the most creative and innovative installation of the Ampio system.

3rd prize (ex aequo): CBiA Jarosław Jaszczyk | installation: a house in Sieradz || Vestram | installation: Oliva Koncept building complex in Gdynia.

One of the two 3rd place prizes was awarded to CBiA for a large amount of different functionalities of the Ampio system used in the installation. The second prize went to Vestram  for a large scale of the presented investment and the use of our new MSERV-4s modules. Both competing installations made a big impression on us aesthetically.

Big congratulations to the winners!

Selecting the winners was not an easy task for us – each installation was completely different and each presented us with a totally new way to install and use the Ampio system. We will soon publish a more detailed description of the winning competition submissions together with some photos.

The main driving force of our Team’s everyday efforts is to create a reliable and safe system that is open to integrations. This is exactly why we are extremely pleased to see that Ampio Smart Home installations are so versatile. Ampio Smart Home can not only be found in homes, but also in whole building complexes, office parks and even in the maritime industry! This competition has proven how flexible Ampio solutions are.

We are aware of the fact that a lot of Ampio installations are currently being implemented and, therefore, could not take part in this edition of the competition. We are looking forward to see them enter the next edition of the “Ampio Installations” competition 🙂

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