July 7 2021

Ampio Installations of 2020/2021 competition


We are announcing the 1st edition of “Ampio Installations of 2020/2021” competition! 


The competition is aimed at authorised Ampio Smart Home system installers.

The goal of the competition is to obtain materials and information about the most interesting smart home installations with the use of Ampio system and to raise the overall brand awareness – for all of us to grow!

How to take part in the competition?

Book a short 15-20min online meeting, in which you will tell us about your most exciting installations and functionalities used there. After the meeting, we will ask you to provide us with photos of the installations and a description of used functionalities. If you are interested, please send more information to: alina@ampio.pl or ala@ampio.pl with the subject “AMPIO INSTALLATIONS OF 2020/2021 COMPETITION”.
Please include the following information in the e-mail: name, surname, company name, telephone number. We will respond with a date for the online meeting or we will call you back to discuss any details further.

Competition schedule:

? 29.06. – 16.07. – interviews
? 20.07. – closing date for submitting required documents (photos, videos, description of functionalities)
? 23.07. – announcement of the competition results
? 24-31.07. – sending prizes and gifts


? 1st place: MSERV-4s + MREL-8s + mug
? 2nd place: 2 x MREL-8s + mug
? 3rd place: MREL-8s + mug

All competition participants will receive a complimentary Ampio mug!

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