Heating controllers

Perfect temperature
and air quality in your home

These modules will take care of the right conditions in your house. They will let you control the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
While ensuring your comfort, they will also look after your electricity usage. Many integration possibilities include, for example, using weather data, room temperature data, or the house's air quality data. You will be able to use full automation in order to ensure the perfect conditions at home while not having to remember any of the details of how to achieve them.



1/4/8/16/32-zone heating controller, to be installed in a switchboard.

Create your own smart system
ask the Ampio distributor

Discover all functionalities of
the heating and ventilation controllers

M-RT-s (family)


Temperature measurement

Remote control

Integration with heating/ air-conditioning

Integration with the panels

Thermostat control

Temperature measurement

User-configurable control - temperature

Control via touch panels

LCD display

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