Convenient control over any chosen Smart Home functionality combined with a modern, sleek design. These highest-quality glass touch panels are individually customised to let you manage your smart home in style fitting your interior design.

moduł sterowania oświetleniem M-REL-2p

Roller blinds

Open and close gates, roller blinds, blinds and curtains. Modules in this group of products allow you control over any element of your household with an electric drive.

moduł MDIM-2s


Connect any light source to the Smart Home system and control it without any effort. Lighting modules give endless automation possibilities for remote lighting control in your house.

moduł M-CON-232-s


Connect and integrate any devices and systems. You can control alarm systems, audio systems, air-conditioning and do many more integrations, depending on your individual needs.



Control the temperature and air quality. Optimise electricity consumption based on your preferences, presence at home or external conditions. Possible integration of other elements, such as heating, ventilation or air-conditioning with various sensors, as well as remote control.



Remote control granted without any additional cabling. The wireless modules can be used for lighting, or gate control, or other smart home elements. Thanks to the use of the newest technology and interface, the modules' range reaches up to 1km.

moduł MSERV


The server is the heart of our system. It connects all Ampio Smart Home elements into a complete operational system. It integrates individual functionalities of the system with the mobile app and provides internet access. The server is a central module of our smart home and provides input, control and integration functionalities.


Responsible for the proper functioning of individual elements of your Smart Home system. They switch the end devices on and off, adjust light intensity, or send a signal to close the driveway gate. These modules are the main components of the smart home system.


Thanks to this category of modules, you can connect any sensor or switch to the Smart Home system. This, in turn, allows for transmitting information about the current status of a switch, information from a motion sensor, or a flooding sensor. Depending on your requirements, the modules can collect any necessary data and communicate it further to the system.


These modules will collect and transmit data from your house's immediate surroundings. Meteorological data or information about the setting sun are later used by the modules to switch on lights in your house, or close the blinds at night. The collected data can also be displayed on touch panels and in the mobile app.


Play music in your house from any connected source of sound, also from a built-in FM radio. Let the music follow you around and get notified with voice messages, for example, when the alarm goes off.

aplikacja do sterownia oświetleniem Ampio


Control over your house always within your reach, more convenient than ever. An app that follows your lead. Use it on your smartphone or tablet and explore the Ampio Smart Home functionalities wherever you are in the world.

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