Household appliances
under control

A lot of audio devices can be controlled by and integrated with the Ampio system. With Ampio modules, you can create a complete sound system and connect it with any audio device or a TV.
Activate a pre-programmed "cinema" scene on your touch panel or Ampio app to change the lighting, turn the volume up and close the blinds.

ikona aplikacji mobilnej

Music always
around you

Listen to your favourite radio station wherever you are in the house - let the sound follow you around. Ampio modules can integrate with many audio-video systems and allow you full control of the sound system in your house. You can activate your home theatre, dim the lights and close the roller blinds with only one gesture.

Use the following products M-AV-AMP-s , M-INOC-4p

multiple devices

We have created a system with endless integration possibilities for you. You can connect multiple devices to it, expand it and use its endless possibilities. It is not only perfect for controlling audio-video systems, but also a whole range of household small and big appliances .

Use the following products M-AV-AMP-s , M-INOC-4p

A perfect scene
for every situation

Dimmed lights and closed roller blinds when you turn your home theatre on, or your favourite radio station playing and blinds opening when you wake up. Connect different audio-video devices to your Ampio system and control them all comfortably from one place.

Use the following products M-SERV-s, Application

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the mobile app

play music anywhere in the house

listen to the radio and save your favourite stations

create a perfect scene for a movie night

coffee or toasts ready before you wake up

Use this functionality in your house
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aplikacja do sterownia oświetleniem Ampio

Mobile application

moduł MSERV 4s




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