Audio modules

Managing the sound
in your building

Audio modules allow you to play music from any connected source of sound in your building.
Thanks to a built-in FM radio, you can listen to your favourite radio station wherever you are inside. An important functionality is also playing voice announcement by the system when the alarm goes off or smoke is detected. All those elements will provide you with an integrated audio system, which can also voice-alert you in case of any emergencies.


This is a bus amplifier, with a built-in 2 × 15 W amplifier and FM amplifier for mounting in the switchboard.



A module that plays audio files or voice announcements and is to be installed in a switchboard. It can also play mp3 files from an installed memory card.

Create your own smart system
ask the Ampio distributor

Discover all functionalities
of audio module




Installation in a junction box

Memory card connection

Integration with the panels

Sound signals

User-configurable control - radio

Integration with the app

Voice announcements

Music from any source

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