It is the newest model of the AMPIO Smart Home system's heart and soul.
A unit connecting all Smart Home system elements and providing you with endless possibilities. It allows you to control the whole system and to connect your smart home with the Internet. Using a wired connection, it communicates with the Ampio Cloud offering remote access to your home and to our support team. The server gives you convenient access to the AMPIO Uni app, which enables remote control of all the Smart Home functionalities, no matter where you are in the world.

Create your own Smart Home system
ask the AMPIO distributor

Discover all functionalities
of the AMPIO server


Flooding sensor control

Installation in a switchboard

Integration with heating/ air-conditioning

Connection to any sensor

Integration with the panels

Thermostat control

Safety and continuous power supply

Wireless control

User-configurable control - roller blinds

User-configurable control - temperature

Integration with the app

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